An Attic Reimagined

Jul 18 ,



Recently, one of our clients asked us to transform their attic into a chic adult lounge space for their family and friends. I wanted to take advantage of the space’s full height. The walls follow the angles of the roof line and create many different planes. These interesting shapes and forms inspired our design.

The photo on the left shows the exposed roof line and plywood floor. In the rendering on the right, my firm created a rug design that playfully extends the ceiling lines to the floor making a criss-crossing pattern that dissects the space. On the walls we created geometric color blocked shapes in tonal shades of gray that play with our perception of light and shadow.

In this photo our decorative artist is placing the blue tape on the walls to mark off the geometric areas on the walls. It was a trial and error process to get the angles and shapes just right.

Once the walls were painted and carpet installed, the attic came alive. By subtly playing with the tonal values of color on the walls, we have manipulated the perception of what is real shadow and what is painted. The custom Tai Ping rug gives the space an energetic feeling as do the star-shaped Pelle pendants. The play of color, shape, and angles makes for a successful and exhilarating space. Stay tuned to see the finished space furnished with bright yellow custom tufted sofas, a pool table, a floating fireplace and more!

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