Design Solutions: Disguising the Television

Dec 3 ,



Televisions have become so sleek in recent years that they can fit seamlessly into many designs. However, some clients feel that a television can become the focus of a room. Our top priority is creating homes that make our clients happy, so we have created some beautiful solutions for hiding televisions. In the master bedroom pictured here, we designed a cabinet at the foot of the bed that houses a television. The TV raises, lowers, and rotates with the touch of a button.

In this Fifth Avenue apartment, our client primarily wanted a screen-free retreat with the ability to sometimes watch television. We designed this elegant lacquer, glass, and bronze cabinetry. The base of the cabinet conceals a TV that is on an automatic lift. The hidden media encourages conversation when guests are over but also provides flexibility when TV watching is desired.

In this East End Avenue apartment, we created definition between the dining room and the den by designing a geometric cabinet with positive and negative spaces. The design displays our client’s unique collection of decorative objects and art books. We cleverly included a television in one of the cavities that faces the den. We always strive to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

Clients always tell us that they want to make sure that they will use their living room. They don’t want it to be a space just to admire. They really want the room to be functional and beautiful. However, they don’t want the television to become the primary focus of the room. We often recommend a mirror television. When in the TV off position, the mirror reflects light and views. It is impossible to tell that it has a dual function. Incorporating a television into the room means our clients will spend time there and make the most of the room.

We have designed stunning frames for our clients with mirrored televisions. Our clients love that we create something unique and individual just for them. We obsess about the details! The frame in the above living room was designed with walnut, parchment, and bronze. We  look forward to brainstorming new ideas for clients. We are currently working on a new design for a concealed television in which it is recessed in a wall, with art that slides over.

Another creative option is Samsung’s Frame television. It looks like a framed work of art when turned off.  Emily Henderson cleverly used it in her interior above. It is incredible how it seamlessly looks like all the other art hanging on the wall. We can’t wait to use it in an upcoming project.  We hope you enjoyed this roundup of a few different television-disguising ideas, and look forward to sharing more of our design solutions!

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