Furnishing a Home Clients Love

Oct 17 ,



We want to make the design process easy and fun for our clients. Each project personalized and individual. That is why we ask our clients lots of questions and make sure we listen closely to the answers. It is very important to me that we create a home for our clients that reflects their specific tastes and desires. First, we find out how our clients want to use each space in their home. After we measure the site, we develop a furniture plan based on their feedback. We offer different layout options and discuss which one best suits their needs.

After narrowing down the furniture plan choices, we do on-site furniture templates. Brown paper cut outs in the actual size of the furniture are laid down on the floor. This allows our clients to get an accurate feeling of how the room will flow and feel with furniture in it. We decide which furniture layout is preferred and make any necessary adjustments.

Before showing our clients furniture, we find out their stylistic preferences and budgetary parameters. We want to make sure our process is as efficient as possible. All our bespoke furniture presentations cater to our client’s tastes, and we only show them furnishings that are appropriate for their project. We offer different options for each piece. While some client’s prefer smaller presentations with limited options, others prefer larger presentations with many options. We only show things to our clients that we love and that we believe will be beautiful in their home.

We think that it is extremely important for our clients to see, touch, and experience the pieces that they are interested in purchasing. Therefore, we encourage our clients to visit showrooms with us to view and sit in the furniture. We create an itinerary that includes all the items the client liked in our furniture presentation and then we go shopping! While shopping, we take notes on our client’s comments for each piece of furniture so that when they are ready to make decisions, we are able to remind them what they thought of each piece. We often customize furniture to create pieces that are exactly what our clients want. Our goal is always our client’s happiness, and so we make sure that they love each piece that will soon be in their home!

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