Designing to Create Joy

Aug 20 ,



A well designed interior can have a significant effect on how we feel. My firm’s goal is to understand our client’s preferences in order to create happiness in their home. In considering all aspects of the interior, from function and comfort to color and lighting, we  create spaces that make our clients feel comfortable and joyful.

Beauty and function go hand in hand, and a successful interior can achieve both. By understanding how our clients want to use each room, we can give our clients the opportunity to live luxuriously without stressing about things being too precious. In this home office, our client wanted a place to sit comfortably as well as a place to do work. A pair of handsome chairs by the fireplace fits the bill perfectly.

We design floor plans that flow easily between spaces. Furniture is allowed room to breathe. Each piece of furniture complements the one next to it so that there is harmony and visual interest in a room. Proportion and scale are always considered to create balance. Comfort is essential to our client’s happiness. We have clients sit in furniture before purchasing so that personal preferences are accounted for. A sofa’s seat depth, cushion plushness, and back pitch can all be customized.

We also think about how to minimize potential annoyances. We ask lots of questions so that each room is personalized to how they live. Beauty is in the details and we make sure that we get them right. In this Southport kitchen, we ensured that everyday items were easily accessible and infrequently used pieces had a place to be stored.

We understand how color has a huge impact on how we feel. Different colors are associated with different emotions, but we encourage our clients to choose palettes based on colors that they love. We consider how color changes during the day and how it responds to evening light.

Successful lighting is everything. We layer lighting sources to achieve a perfect balance of direct and indirect light. Mixing floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, down lights, pendants, etc will make a room sparkle.

We are thoughtful in all aspects of a design, so that when our clients open their door, they are thrilled to be home.

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