I’ve Got the Blues

Feb 6 ,



Pantone selected Classic Blue as their Color of the Year 2020, and we unequivocally approve!! Blue is one of our all time favorite colors and we hear the same rings true for from many of our clients. It is definitely a classic and also extremely versatile. It has endured popularity since Ancient Egyptian times.

The color blue has been associated with harmony, peacefulness, and masculinity. I do, however, believe that it is equally feminine. Blue’s appeal might be so popular because it is found everywhere in nature. Look how omnipresent it is in this photograph of NYC in the sky and flanking rivers. Although it is considered a “cool” color, I think blue is extremely inviting and very calming. Blue has enormous range, i.e. from powder blue to navy to turquoise. Each shade creates a different feeling and effect but all can be quite pleasing.

In the three projects above, we chose a pale blue for the walls. Although the rooms (and projects) are completely different, the blue hues lend a tranquil feeling to each space. We took care to weave the color on the walls throughout the room in different elements to create a balanced effect. In the bedroom and living room here we paired soft powder blue with cream to enhance the lightness and airiness of the spaces.

Deeper blues give a completely different and often dramatic effect. In the art library we designed for the 2016 Kips Bay Show House (above left), a rich blue velvet sofa and the saturated blue art by Zipora Fried pair beautifully with warm brown walls. A mottled lighter blue rug grounds the space. The above right image shows an Upper East Side library where we lacquered the walls and cabinetry in a deep slate blue. The effect is captivating. The color invokes a moody luxurious feeling for visitors to the room.

Nothing says blue quite like Yves Klein. The artist developed and patented this particularly vibrant shade of blue. His iconic lucite coffee table above is filled with his signature blue pigment. It definitely makes a statement and is highly sought after! Follow us on instagram to see how we’ll be creatively using blue in 2020 and beyond!

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