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Feb 14 ,



One of the most important elements in my business are the relationships that we develop with our clients and also with our vendors. Our reputation is based on not only our office’s performance but also on the quality and reliability of the people we work with. It is a team effort and it is imperative that we are all working toward a common goal: our client’s happiness!

J&P Upholstery is one of our most trusted vendors. I rely on the owner, Jody Xuereb’s, expertise and ingenuity to guide us through the nuanced details of the fabrication process. Recently, I asked J&P to craft a pair of a curved sofas for a client on Fifth Avenue.

After showing the client various inspiration images and determining their preferences, we took our ideas to our upholsterers workshop in Long Island City. At the work room, our clients sat in different sofas to determine what was most comfortable. Among the things we discussed were options for cushion fill, seat depth, and the pitch of the back. Once details were solidified, Jody’s team went to work.

A number of weeks later, my team visited the workroom to check on the progress of the muslin frame. We confirmed the measurements, pitch, and made sure it was uber comfortable.

Because my office had measured our client’s building’s elevator and hallways prior to fabrication, we knew that each sofa needed to be fabricated in pieces. Jody’s craftsmen completed the sewing on site and made the separation indecipherable. They are magicians!

And voila…the finished masterpiece! Doesn’t it look luxurious? Soft celadon and silver pillows complement the dove grey velvet upholstery. We chose to design round and lumbar shaped pillows to echo the soft curves of the sofa. Stay tuned for more images of this apartment. In the meantime, check out our Portfolio and Instagram for more inspiration!


  1. At J&P, we’re thrilled to be one of Eve Robinson Associates’ trusted vendors. Our relationship has spanned many years (and many projects)! Looking forward to many more years of doing great work together. Thanks to Eve and her team!

  2. Eve… This is FABULOUS! Beautifully conceived and presented. Not only does it acknowledge the excellent relationship with the vendor, it highlights you as a very innovative designer, not just of space but of elements within the space. I particularly like the description of the unique pillow design. This will inspire clients to reach for your expanded talents as a designer. Kudos… great work!

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