A Tailor-Made Design

Apr 11 ,



Designing spaces that are integrally beautiful but also functional are the highest priority for my firm. We often design cabinetry that is tailor-made for our client’s needs and unique lifestyles. Our designs are chic, interesting, and purposeful.

In this modern East End Avenue apartment, we wanted to retain the open plan between the dining room and family room, but felt that the spaces needed more delineation. Additionally, the client has an amazing collection of decorative objects that they wanted to display. We designed a sculptural geometric cabinet that separates the two spaces but maintains an open and airy feeling. The play of positive and negative space allows many of the compartments to be appreciated from both sides. The elegant display of our client’s accessories elevates both the dining and family rooms. We were also able to integrate a television into the cabinet. A spray lacquered grey finish gives a luminous and light quality.

We found an opportunity for another custom design in the dining room. At the beginning of a project, we ask lots of questions to find out how our clients live. By asking the right questions, and listening to our client’s answers, we are able to hone in on our client’s needs and ensure that they will be pleased with the outcome. We like to make the design process easy and enjoyable!

Our client asked us if we could find a place in the apartment for her to work at a desk, with the constraint that she did not want her papers to always be visible. The hall leading from the foyer to the dining room was wide and underutilized. There was lots of wasted space. We saw this as a great opportunity to design a concealed work space for her that would seamlessly integrate into the apartment. We designed retractable doors on the face of the cabinetry that, when opened, unveils a gorgeous, clean-lined desk with file cabinets and storage compartments.

Cerused oak gives the cabinetry a fresh feeling, especially when paired with the contrasting lacquered niche above the doors. The niche highlights some more of the clients stunning accessories and is home to some of her books. By listening to our client and exploring creative solutions, we realized our design goal of creating an organized, thoughtful, useful, and beautiful space!

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