Spotlight On Sputnik Chandeliers

Mar 21 ,



I believe chandeliers are a wonderful opportunity to provide drama in a room. They are like jewelry for an interior. One style I am particularly fond of is the Sputnik chandelier. The Sputnik style was inspired by the first satellite to orbit the earth in 1957. The popular mid century light fixture became a recognizable part of the design period known as the “Atomic Age” from about 1940 – 1960.  The pendants provide bright illumination because of their multiple arms that each contain a bulb. Here are a some examples of various Sputnik style chandeliers in different rooms we have designed.

In this woman’s dressing room, we chose a vintage pendant that has tulip shaped glass. The flower shape gives a feminine feeling to the space. It feels delicate and accentuates the ethereal quality of the room.

This vintage brass Sputnik pendant lends a sense of boldness to this apartment vestibule. Its design is a bit more crude than other examples but it creates an interesting statement and elevates the importance of the space.

This is the Sputnik chandelier that one chooses to make a big WOW statement! It is fun, elegant and dramatic. I chose to use this in a kitchen I designed for the Kips Bay Show House. My goal was to create a kitchen that could not only function for everyday cooking and dining but also be used for entertaining too. I wanted the kitchen to feel special and unique.

This contemporary Sputnik was made in a chrome finish to match the plumbing fittings in the room. It adds unexpected drama to this bright and spacious master bathroom. I always recommend putting any lighting on dimmers so that it can be adjusted to create different moods.

Lastly, this is the Jacquline Kennedy Onassis of sputnik chandeliers! Poised, elegant, and oh so perfect. Designed by the Swedish designer Lobmeyr, this is a rare and unique piece. It is a compressed oval with hundreds of crystal elements. It sparkles beyond belief. Lobmeyr was the incredibly talented designer who designed all the lighting at Lincoln Center. Not for the faint of heart! It is truly a gem. We look forward to sharing other styles of lighting in our upcoming posts!

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